Summer Flowers Tutorial

Hey super stitchers !

It’s been a while since we did a little tutorial and since it’s the height of summer in the garden I thought why not bring a little fabric flower into the house ?

I LOVE these pretty flowers , they are so easy to make and look so fancy in a bunch.



You will need :

A sewing machine

A glue gun

Some cheap fabric – Yup that’s right…. cheap polyester fabrics are fine for this project ! Fat quarters are perfect !

Some BBQ sticks

Your sewing kit

and a glue gun !

Don’t forget to download your template here !


Cut your fat quarters into 4 inch strips and sew two together end to end.

Fold in half and iron flat so you have a long folded strip.

Using your template mark the RIGHT SIDE OF THE FABRIC LIKE SO…




Open up the strip and sew down the fold USING A GATHERING STITCH.

*To make your sewing machine gather turn your TENSION to the highest setting … and your STITCH LENGTH to the longest setting*

As you sew your fabric should ruffle like so…



Make sure to leave a long tail at the beginning and a long tail at the end. DO NOT REVERSE STITCH !

Now for the tricky bit ! fold the strip back in half and stitch along the petals you marked earlier…


Next… trim along the edges and there you have an unfolded flower !

IMG_5137Grab your stick and glue gun and starting at the end glue the flower onto the stick winding it around and around.. pop some glue on the underneath to secure and you have a flower !



you could turn them into bunches , put them in a vase or make brooches instead !


Cheap and so very cheerful !


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One thought on “Summer Flowers Tutorial

  1. Sienke says:

    Oh, I used to make those flowers of paper at the beach (and ‘sell’ them for shells it is something we do around here 🙂 ) and always brought the most beautiful ones back home. made of fabric they will last longer though. Great idea!


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