Halloween Street Play Set

It’s almost halloween !

This year I made baby rainbow a little play set with some wooden houses , a bit of paint and some peg dolls πŸ™‚

He loves it ! and it was so simple to make …

All you need is some wooden blocks , some acrylic paint , mod lodge to seal them and some imagination !

I found my blocks on ETSY HERE

And used some left over paint from other projects.

I painted the blocks first in halloween colours , after they were dry I drew some designs on both sides with pencil and then painted the finer details.

I Decided on :

A hotel , A church , A Hospital , Bakery , Dog House , Caspers house , Draculas House , Mummy pharmacy & pumpkin shop.

(Some are on the back sides)

I also made some cute peg dolls to go with the houses

Super easy and super fun ! Why not give it a go πŸ™‚

The Rainbow House Garden

Hey everyone !

I have a confession to make……

I make hundreds of things , from painting to sewing , cooking to gardening I am always beavering away … and I NEVER remember to blog any of them ! I am terrible at it…. I had no idea how many things I haven’t shared in the past few months , until I had lot’s of comments on a social media photo , and I realised I haven’t shared any of my lockdown projects…. and there are a LOT of them !

So , I am turning over a new leaf … while they are starting to fall off the trees anyhoo !

Introducing…… The Rainbow Garden !

I love Gardening , I’ve been growing my own veg for years now , but this year I decided to take on a little cut flower patch for use in the new house.

We moved in August 2019 , and the back garden was… well… brown…. My least favourite colour in the whole world….

So in lockdown I slapped a rainbow on it… ! Getting hold of paint in lockdown was tricky so with a little careful mixing here and there I managed to get a pastel coloured fence rainbow that I could paint over if need be when we leave here. There’s still some painting to do , but the weathers so hit and miss !

I made a rainbow heart hanging from some chopped wood I found in the woodland behind and left over paint.

So easy ! Just bleach your wood so it doesn’t split , then cut to a template , paint and string it onto a top piece. It’s held up so well over summer and through all the recent storms.

I painted these super cute tin planters I found on amazon , lined them with cardboard so not to burn the plant roots in the hot sun , and planted them with my favourite lavenders I use for making heat bags in the winter πŸ™‚

Have you been out in the garden this year ?


Hey lovely people in my computer !

I’m back with yet another home decor DIY ( I will get round to sewing again soon , promise ! these face coverings are keeping my machine too busy these days ! )

I fell in love with an amazing boho circle shelf online , but gah ! it was so far out of my budget I just couldn’t justify it. ( Β£125 FOR A SHELF ! EEEK ! )

So in true DIY style I decided to make one ! .

I used a plain black shelf from the range for just Β£15 and some raffia I had left over from my mirror project (HERE)


I am so so pleased with the way it turned out , you can’t even tell it’s homemade ! hurrah !

Wanna know how to make it…..


You will need :

A CIRCLE SHELF FRAME – I used a super cheap one from the range.

RAFFIA – I used about 500grams and had a little left over , you can get it online or from a florist.


That’s it !

Ok , so let’s take a look at the frame. It’s very basic , but sturdy enough. I jumped right in and went ahead with the weaving , and then realised you would still see the black wires in the middle section… gah ! So I undid it and wrapped the centre wires first.

I used my trusty glue gun to seal each end , and wrapped two strands of raffia around the middle poles – I did this roughly as I knew it would be enough under the weaving.

Then , I started the weaving , in and out , over and under. It get’s tricky at some points where the shelves meet , but a little bodge with some glue here and there and it’s not noticeable at all.

Just keep weaving ! It’s fab to do in front of a box set…. Every time I got to the end of the raffia I glued it to the back side ring , and started again. I tried lot’s of different weaving in , slipknot joins etc but they all left lot’s of small flyaway strands I knew would drive me crazy , so glue gun to the rescue !

I could have left it there , to be honest , but the black wire stood out too much for me. I wrapped the centre vertical poles in raffia and glued it on.

I didn’t like the shelf edges , they were cheap unfinished MDF. So I plaited some raffia , and glued it on to the front and side edge of the shelf part.


A few snips of flyaway bits , a little more glue and ta da ! done !

I did debate adding some cane fabric to the back of the shelf , to add a little more detail , but it’s on a blank white wall so I thought it was ok as it was.


Such a simple little upgrade , but so fun !

It’s the perfect place to stash my new favourite candles too…

A few weeks ago I asked a lovely group of mum friends about what candles they use . I love Yankee but they make my nose itch and leave black marks alll over my white walls. A friend suggested I try thornbush hill and oh my word ! I am converted …They are not only vegetable wax , but beautifully scented … they are my new secret pleasure !

(My own opinions – not an ad … but ya know if you wanted to send me some others to try out….. πŸ˜‰ ….. hehehe )

Til next time….

Tea & jammy dodgers ,

Gems x

DIY Prym kit mask tutorial

Hey everyone !

Today I wanted to share with you guys these awesome PRYM DIY mask kits !

As lot’s of you know , I have been making hundreds of face coverings these past few weeks on sale via our sewing school website . Over the last few weeks I have had lot’s and lot’s of requests for a tutorial to sew your own , and when I saw these awesome Prym Sewing kits I just HAD to share them with you all πŸ™‚

Each kit comes with four pieces of ready cut fabric , elastic and metal nose clips plus some instructions.

Now the instructions are multi lingual and just a few images , which I know a lot of you guys find tricky to follow.

So I’ve taken a few photos and made a short tutorial for you below πŸ™‚

You will need :

Your Prym Mask Kit

A measuring tape or ruler

Your sewing machine ( although you could totally make these by hand sewing)

A safety Pin , some wonder clips and an Iron.

Ok , so fold your fabric in half ( check the measurements on your instructions card).

Put the metal nose piece in the middle and draw around it , leaving a gap around the outside. Now , slide the metal piece INSIDE the folded fabric and use some clips to hold it tight. Stitch around your drawn box as above.

There we go , one nose piece.

Now on the bottom of our rectangle you will see we have two edges.

With some clips and an iron , fold those two edges inwards like the photos below to create a hem .

Now do the same on the other edge , so the top and bottom long edges of our mask has a hem.

Fold the whole thing over , so they touch , and re clip them together ( so the good sides of the fabric are facing you , and the wrong sides are touching).

Stitch !

Yay ! Nearly there now…

Next we need to make casings for the sides for the elastic to slide through.

Fold the edge fabric in and then over again using the measurements on your instruction sheet. Give them an Iron and stitch along the inside . Repeat on the other side

Last bit ! Thread your elastic through the channels you just made using a safety pin ,tie to size and slide the knot inside …now wear your mask ! and make the other three !



DIY Raffia Boho mirror

Hey lovelies !

Ive been making over the rainbow house main bedroom the past few weeks

(can you believe its been a YEAR since we moved here ! A YEAR ! )

It has a very ‘me’ boho vibe , lots of lovely handmade quilts , bits and bobs I love and it’s very natural.

During a little online shop sale surf I fell in love with an extremely expensive mirror….

I mean ££££ . And… as my mantra goes…. I can totally make that !

I already had two mirrors in boho style I had picked up in charity shops over the years , and I needed a focal point mirror for above the bed , that wasn’t too heavy and was Β pre teen door slamming proof .

Here’s my version…

And it cost me…. drumroll please…… Β£11 ………..Yup , thats all.

Here’s how I made it…


RAFFIA – I have lot’s of this as I use it at Christmas for wreaths , you can pick it up online or at a local florist. I used about 400 grams.

MIRROR : I used a cheap acrylic mirror I found online as I didn’t want it to be too heavy.

FLORAL RING : Cheap as chips , you could use any hoop really ! embroidery hoop , old lampshade ring , wreath ring….

A little of my favourite glue gun … but normal strong glue would also work.


Ok , unravel that raffia and let’s get started !

Top tip : If you are using coloured raffia WEAR GLOVES. I made a blue wreath once.. had blue hands for weeks !

Cut some raffia into about 20 cm length and gather a few strands in your hand.

Pop it under the ring , and then pull it through , slip knot style. Make sure to pull it TIGHT. If a strand is sticking out , tug on the ends of the raffia until you find it and tighten it.

Keep going !

Don’t worry about lengths matching – you will need to trim it at the end.

Keep going until you’ve covered the whole wreath.

Pop your mirror underneath , and then trim your raffia to the size you want.

If your raffia is super curly or frizzy , pop some low heat straightens over it πŸ˜‰

Hot glue the mirror to the BACK .

I added a little plait to the front , I gathered up some long strips of raffia , tied them and then plaited until I had enough , adding in more strips of raffia as they got short. Β I used my glue gun to stick it to the front of the mirror edge.

Add a loop to the back…. and you are done !

The possibilities are endless eh ?


Thanks for reading and Happy making :*

Jam & coconut loaf cake

Hey everyone !

Well that little hot spell of weather didn’t last very long did it ! It’s finally started raining here in not so sunny wales , and after a few days of being too hot to cook & eat it’s finally cool enough to bake… and this cake is just the job !


This year I’ve been giving lot’s of my home grown veggies to Β friends who have been shielding the past few months , we’ve done some swapping along the way , and this week I was given a whole bunch of these tiny Jam pots from the shielding food boxes a neighbour friend has been receiving from the local council. (He hates Jam ! but the kids love the stuff )

My first thought was aha ! Jam Tarts all round… but when I opened the baking cupboard a pack of coconut fell on my head , and well I’m calling that fate…. So I made a Jam & coconut loaf cake instead.. It’s sooo yummy ! When I posted photos on my social media pages lot’s of lovely friends & followers asked for the recipe… so I found my scribbled random notes … and once again I’ve tried to translate them into something that makes sense…. and of course… I HAD to make another cake for my neighbour anyway…… *licks lips*


Ingredients :

JAM ! raspberry , strawberry , even blackberry will work Β – You need around 10 table spoons

150G Butter – I use clover Β – it’s buttermilk really but gives my bakes a lovely softness

150G Caster Sugar – Golden , regular – anything will do.

260G Plain Flour

1 Teaspoon of vanilla if you have it… no biggie if not.

3 Free range Eggs ( medium )

1 teaspoon of baking powder

120G of coconut

5 Tablespoons of milk ( or a glug ya know what I’m like.. )

BAKING : Use a 2lb loaf tin , a cake tin , a muffin pan… anything goes with this recipe.


  1. Pop the oven on 180 c , grease the pan you are going to use.
  2. In a bowl add the butter , sugar and vanilla and whisk until light and fluffy.
  3. Add the coconut and whisk a little longer.
  4. Add Eggs , Milk and whisk .. as you go spoon in the baking powder and flour spoon by spoon .
  5. Pour 1/3 of the mixture into the pan. Add 7-8 tablespoons of jam on top – dot it around. Then pour the rest of the mix on top.
  6. Bang it in the oven and ask alexa to set a timer for 35 mins.. ( just me ? ) and then dance around the kitchen licking the spoon and cleaning alllll the millions of spoons you’ve used for no reason.
  7. When the timer goes off… take the cake out .. sniff and inhale the goodness…. then put foil on top and put it back in the oven for another 25 mins .
  8. When the cake has finished cooking leave it to cool down…. I pop a tea towel over the top of mine to keep it *moist* ( sorry if you hate that word – but it’s true – it works ! )

When the cake is fully cooled , spread the remaining jam onto the top and sprinkle with coconut. Let set and then yum yum in ya tum it goes :p

So soft and so delicious ! Not to mention super easy.

( Little Tip : While I am baking cakes , I always pop the empty egg shells in a dish and bake them on the bottom shelf – smash them up when cooked and cooled and they are great for keeping slugs off my dahlias ! )

Hope you like πŸ™‚

Gems x


Console table DIY update

Hey everyone ! Hope you are not all melting out there , it’s sooo hot isn’t it ?

I have FINALLY got round to finishing my little upcycle of a cheap little console table from amazon , and I thought I would share it with you guys πŸ™‚


I bought this little cheap unit on amazon a while back , fully intending to frenchic it blue Β after i couldn’t find a dressing table I liked anywhere , but it just didn’t feel ME enough πŸ™‚

(I still might paint it…. but for now I am happy with the finished article )

I bought some crystal knobs online Β for the drawers , used some old cheap hamper baskets I painted with Frenchic Heavenly Blue in the lazy range for my shoes ( ok some of them – I *may* have a shoe hoarding issue) and I used good old mod podge and some pretty paper for the inside of the drawers.

Not bad for a quick update ! and my heirloom pomanders finally have somewhere to hang without toddler fingers getting at them πŸ™‚

I’ve been collecting these , rather randomly for years and years.Β I always remove the pot pourri as it can pong a bit being so old and give them a good clean but you can pick them up cheaply at boot fairs & charity shops often enough . They are not to everyones taste I know , but I find them quite sweet and they remind me of my early childhood cottage days.

I can’t wait to fill those drawers with crap ! hooray !

Thanks for reading :*


Gems x











Sunny Sunflowers Wreath

I love Sunflowers , They are so big and strong ,they shine out a million times brighter that any other flower , and they LOVE the sun !

Lot’s of people find them creepy I suppose because they lean towards the light with their big brown and black centres , but all plants lean so I guess it’s only doing it’s job.

I have a big garage wall in the garden , with a large window that faces onto it , and I just didn’t think a curtain or blind would like right amongst all my colourful climbers in the pots along the outside.

So…… I made a giant decomesh sunflower !

It’s a lot messier than I had imagined , and I’m still not sure of the centre , but It’s a big sunflower none the less and I’m sure it’s going to be perfect in the garage window.


In gardening news… Lot’s of my sunflowers are now to ready to pop into a vase , I hate taking them from the garden , and I have to keep reminding myself they are cut flowers grown for a reason πŸ™‚ as always I will be saving the seeds of my favourite blooms , sunflowers are so easy ! when they die on the stem and start to droop I pop a paper bag over them and put them in a cool dark spot in the garage , then next year I can shake the seeds out and grow some more πŸ™‚

Our giant family competition ones are still growing strong….

Sadly the boys ones snapped in the really bad winds we had a few weeks back , but two survived and are yet to flower and one is already open and sucking up the sun , No sign of any fluffy teddy bear ones yet though…

Have you grown any sunflowers this year ?

Rainbow Ikea HOL Hack

It’s been a long week here at the little rainbow house… does anyone else feel like these Covid restrictions will be around forever ?

To be fair , it’s not like I will EVER run out of projects to finish

( I mean start – clearly – I have like 98 on the go ! I just cannot stop …..)

Introducing….. The Retro Rainbow Toy / crap storage box !

I painted our old HOL Ikea storage table/box thingamabob this week ,

I had only planned an artsy style white diagonal… but let’s face it , everything ends up rainbow around here at some point.. so it was only a matter of time !



I used some left over white satin wood paint and some acrylic paints I had knocking around , and after some major swear words dealing with masking tape that would only stick to ME and not the table…. we have a rainbow ish storage box to put all of baby rainbows junk in ! woo hoo !

I will be honest…. all those little cube insides there in the squares took what felt like a lifetime….. ! But hey its worth it right ?


The teepee in the photo is from my previous blog post and you can buy the sewing pattern to make it HERE

Stay safe ,




Make your own teepee !

I’ve been busy making things again…

This time of year I usually teach a big hall full of ladies how to sew a teepee , it’s become something of a tradition and well , this year we can’t because of lockdown here in south wales.

So I made one for baby rainbow instead , His very own Teepee ! His older brother lived in his when he was small , so it seemed only fair to make Baby Rainbow one too… and well since he was a rainbow baby… rainbow was THE only way to go.

I used some coloured fabrics I had in my stash and some cot sheets ( shhhh don’t tell anyone hehehe) to make mine , but you could use just about any cotton fabrics really.


I had such amazing comments and messages from you guys when I posted the finished teepee on social media , that I turned into a sewing pattern , so you can make your own at home too.

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 15.08.31


Sew and Make your very own teepee in ANY size , using ANY pole sizes !

Sewing pattern suitable for beginners and advanced stitchers.

Some sewing knowledge needed.

includes trouble shooting guide πŸ™‚

I have popped it on offer at half price for the next few weeks , so download it cheap while you can πŸ™‚



I’ve had to charge a small fee for this sewing pattern to help cover website and admin costs … while I do my upmost to provide lot’s of free ones sometimes I have to charge a little to help cover boring costs. Hope you understand πŸ™‚

Happy Sewing !

P.s stop stealing my photos – its getting embarrassing dude.