Happy Sunday afternoon everyone !

Today our children’s sewing class made these awesome Jo Jo style dance bows and I thought I would share a little how to for those living too far to come to class.




Here is what you will need …

RIBBON ! I find 3 inch wide grosgrain ribbon works best , but you could use satin instead.  It needs to be about 38 inches or longer.


I found lot’s of ribbons on eBay super cheap !

You will also need :

A piece of wire ( floristry stuff is good ! )

PRYM snaps & a pair of snap pliers


A hairclip for the back ( and a glue gun if you prefer to speed things up instead of sewing it on ! )

Lot’s and Lot’s and lot’s of glitter gems !

Ok let’s start ! Take your ribbon and cut the ends at a diagonal like so.. ( you can use a lighter to singe the edges if you like)

Now fold the ribbon in half , then in half again but leave those points sticking out. Give those folds a really good crease , take your time and press over and over again with your fingers.

Next open the ribbon out and place the pretty side ( the right side) facing the table and the wrong side facing you.

See those creases ? Those are our lines to follow for the next few steps.

Take the end of the ribbon and put it on top of  the first crease line , you want it at a diagonal so the ribbon sticks out a little. Now take the other side of the ribbon and fold it over matching the 2nd crease line.

Flip the bow over ( don’t let go ! ) side the next crease into the gap between the end and the first loop as shown in the photo above.

Flip the bow back over and put the last crease on the middle.

see those four loops ? slightly wonky ? slightly bunched up ? have no fear !

In the next step slide the wire underneath the bow and pull it tightly. Now see those loops ? tease them out a bit so they are move even and then tighten the wire all the way around.  Now you can puff the bow loops out a bit.


Wahey  one bow ! Now for the fun part !

To decorate your bow use these Prym snaps & snap pliers. We had great fun using these today ! They really make the bow stand out from the crowd.

To use the pliers select a shape ( ours is a red star ! ) and the little backing ‘dish’.

Poke the prong of the snap into the ribbon and out the other side. Put the little dish on the back ( so the inside of the bowl dish is facing you) and grab those pliers. See the white end ? That’s where the star will go , and the clear end ? that’s where the backing goes. Line them up and pushhhhhhh hard ! carefully remove the pliers and ta da ! one snap added to the bow !

There are so many snaps to choose from ! Today we used stars , hearts , dots & flowers .

Now your bow is looking super snazzy , turn it over and glue or sew a hairlip into place and it’s ready to wear !

Cool eh ?

I’m thinking about making a tutu to match my bow in our rainbow tutu class in a few weeks… might turn a few heads in Tesco who knows !

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