DIY door tassels

I know… Two blogs in two weeks… incredible isn’t it ?

I’ve been a busy bee making bits and bobs for the nursery including these uber cute rainbows..



I was wondering what to do with some left over rope and noticed some super expensive door tassels on a well known home decor store šŸ˜‰ and decided to make my own !

You can make them too , they are amazingly easy ! ( you could even ROPE the kids in… see what I did there… )

You will need :

SOME ROPE ! I’ve used Pram super soft bag handles for this project as its beautifully wrapped.

Some Thread or wool !

Your scissors

A brush /comb and if you like them straight – some hair straighteners or an iron.



Cut your rope to the size you want your finished piece to be. Sellotape the ends as you cut to stop the rope fraying and coming apart as you wrap it.

Mark your start and stop points , and then… get wrapping ! You could use any colours or patterns , but I’ve used some left over thread I had from my embroidery project.


Pinch the ends of the rope together and pop some thread around the two pieces of rope to hold them together.

Take off your sellotape and using a pair of sharp scissors or a needle unweave the rope.

Brush through the tail ends and trim.

If you’d like your tassel ends to be straight try using an iron or even better some hair straightens ( a la rainbow ! )

And you are done ! How cute is that for some left over bits and bobs !

Happy Crafting !



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