How to use transfer sheets for embroidery



Ta da ! One embroidery project ready to stitch during the Love Island series starting this week… ( I know I know – but its addictive ! and this keeps my hands away from the leftover christmas chocolates ! )

I get asked a lot about how to transfer templates , and I never seem to get round the blogging it…

So if you have 5 read on…

There are a few ways to do it , but this time I have used PRYM transfer sheets. They are super easy to use.

Place the textured side down onto the fabric , pop your template on top and pin tight to secure.

Then using a point turner or very sharp pencil , trace around your template pressing down as you go.

When you have finished , Simply peel away the template and the transfer sheets , and ta da ! one embroidery fabric ready to stitch.

The great thing about PRYM transfer sheets is you can usually use them a few times before you need to replace them , and they are not chalky like other brands so they don’t brush off while you stitch.

They also come in a pack of two , I have Blue and White sheets , but you can get other colours too.

Happy stitching everyone – don’t forget to share your project if you are having a TV stitch a long too !….

I’m off to find another one for call the midwife….




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