Make your own baby bibs

Hey there !

Welcome to the make your own baby bibs sewing pattern 🙂

Making baby cowboy bibs are super easy and a great way of using up scrap fabrics .

You will need :



  • Your sewing machine and basic sewing kit
  • Jersey fabric ( old maternity t shirts are great for this ! )
  • Towelling fabric – I’ve used some baby towels as I seemed to have tons that were not being used , but you can use any thin towelling.
  • Your FREE sewing pattern CLICK HERE
  • Some sharp ballpoint pins ( I like the PRYM LOVE ones) and wonder clips
  • Some snaps and snap pliers ( again I have used PRYM LOVE ones)


Let’s get sewing !

I have used an old bib as a template , but you can download a free pattern by clicking HERE.


Cut out one piece of jersey fabric and one piece of towelling per bib.


Place the fabrics RIGHT SIDE TOGETHER ( SO good sides are facing each other) and pin or clip all the way around.

Stitch ! Making sure to leave a gap in the top or side to turn the bib inside out.

Turn the fabric the right way round through the hole and poke the corners with an edge shaper or knitting needle  , give the bib a good press with a hot iron and clip/ pin around the outside again.


Sew around the bib a nice small topstitch to make sure that the bib doesn’t shift around and close the gap tightly.


Now for the last part !

D20310AB-D13D-4281-B73F-AD2A97F2ADCA 2

Take a male and female snap and place into the pliers.



At the edge of the bib , put your fabric into the middle of the pliers , and sqquuuuuuueeezeeeee ! It may take a few squeezes but they will attach , keep going !

At the other edge place a female/female part .

and ta da ! one bib !



Happy Sewing !


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