Do you celebrate halloween ?

As a rule we don’t really , but we do put up some funky decor including these super cute fabric pumpkins .


Want to make your own ?

You will need :

  1. Fabric – A fat quarter is enough for a small pumpkin , Scraps – For the stalk.
  2. Scissors/Rotary Cutter (whichever you like to use best)
  3. Straight edge (ruler)
  4. Embroidery Floss or wool
  5. Perle cotton
  6. Self-healing mat
  7. Polyester Fiberfil (to stuff your pumpkins with)
  8. Sewing clips or pins
  9. Vanishing marker/pen
  10. Embroidery needle.




Let’s get making !

The size of your fabric should be twice as long as it is wide… i.e. a 6″x12″, or a 9″x18″, etc.

Once you’ve cut your fabric, fold it in half so that the wrong side of the fabric is on the outside.


Stitch along the edge as above.

Now , turn the tension on your sewing machine to the highest number ,and select your longest stitch – we are going to gather the top edge – DON’T backstitch and make sure to leave nice long thread tails.


Separate the bobbin and the top thread and pull one thread SLOWLY , until they meet in the middle. Tie the thread tightly together.


Turn the pumpkin right side out  , and give it a good stuffing with the polyfil.

TOP TIP : You can put lavender inside at this stage to help combat moths coming indoors at this time of year if you want .

Using strong thread , perle cotton doubled or embroidery floss sew around the top of the open edge of the pumpkin and pull tight , tuck the edges in and pop a few stitches in the top to hold it nice and firm.


Now for the tough bit , using wool or a strong embroidery thread wrap the outside of the pumpkin 8 times , pulling the wool or thread nice and tight as you go , it pays to knot well ! This will give the pumpkin it’s outside appearance .


Now for the stalk. Grab a scrap and draw a shape , stitch it on the sewing machine , turn right side out and stuff well. Stitch onto the top of the pumpkin with thread ( perle cotton is great to go through all those layers)


Ta da !

One pumpkin !



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