Let’s Hygge

Happy new year everyone !

Christmas may be over… but it’s still Hygge season ! I love candles at any time of year , but there’s something about a flickering flame when it’s cold and dark outside don’t you think ?

I’ve been busy making lot’s of shiny new patterns for the Stitch Box Subscription subscribers ( try saying THAT fast) and I thought I would share one with you…

Introducing : The HYGGE candle mat.


So adorable ! and so Hygge ! And it’s made from scraps , so it is stash friendly too 🙂

You will need :

Your paper shapes & interfacing ( You can download them HERE for free )

A Prym aqua glue pen

Hand sewing thread

A slim sharp needle

Your Wonder clips

Your favorite Fabrics

Felt or batting backing


Using your embroidery pattern hand sew the centre piece and set aside.


Cut out your Templates. The smaller one is for the interfacing , the larger for the fabric.


Cut out 12 interfacing petals.


Iron the interfacing shiny/glue side down onto fabric scraps. Using the larger template cut around the fabrics.


Baste the shapes using your glue pen by gently folding the fabric over the interfaced edge as below.

Using a whip stitch , sew the petals together . Keep adding the shapes as you go through the rounds of the flower , you will need to bend your flower as you move around the edges. Make sure to knot tightly !



To prepare the centre , take your embroidery and circle template and trace the circle onto the fabric. Place right side down onto the interfacing and sew on the line you drew. Snip the interfacing in the middle and turn the whole thing right side out. Using a warm iron press the middle section onto the petals.

Stitch the centre piece down , and place some felt or batting on the bottom. Stitch around the edges and you are done !

Seriously cute ! and perfect for a candle mat or even a wall hanging !


Don’t forget to share yours on our instagram , facebook or twitter pages 🙂 I would LOVE to see them !


Happy sewing !

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