Glitter Pouch Sewing Tutorial

Ah Glitter…. My one and only vice ( welllll almost) I love the stuff ! Every piece of mail I have ever sent has had glitter in it or on it…. Every Present wrapped , Every occasion table covered … I just LOVE the stuff ! So why not incoperate it into my 2nd favourite thing in the world ? SEWING ! And hurrah ! The Glitter pouch is born !

Christmas is just around the corner and with SO MUCH present sewing to do these handy little personalised pouches are perfect for make up , pens & pencils , trading cards … The list endless ! Plus you can make these handy zippy pouches with recycled plastic and they are eco friendly too .


You will need :

GLITTER ( ANY KIND ! I prefer to use larger shapes or confetti as they tend to move around inside better)

FABRIC – One Fat Quarter for outer , One fat quarter for lining.

A ZIP – 12 inch zip

SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE – A Leather needle is handy for vinyl sewing in size 90/14

GLITTER FABRIC – You can buy A4 sheets of the stuff on eBay or amazon.


VINYL – You can use the stiff vinyl bags that you get duvet covers or table cloths in…. or you can buy itonline at your favourite haberdashery.

Let’s get sewing !


From your Fat quarter cut two outside and two lining pieces measuring 10 x 8 inches


Now to the vinyl ! Cut two pieces the same size as above.


Now with the glitter fabric , cut out the name you want on the inside. Now , you can iron fuse a web on the back , iron it onto the fabric etc – HOWEVER I have found after making a few , that a bit of fabric glue is more than enough to hold them in place ! You don’t need to stitch them on as they are protected by the vinyl layer.


Let your glue dry before the next step or the glitter will stick to it !

Layer the vinyl over the top of the outer fabric and clip with wonder clips or paperclips all the way around the edge leaving the TOP OPEN.


Vinyl is similar to oilcloth , DO NOT USE PINS or they will leave holes. DO NOT reverse stitch / lock stitch on your machine – you will need to TIE the ends by hand.

If your vinyl get’s stuck to your machine try cello taping a scrap to the machine * NOT NEAR FEED DOGS ! * Please please don’t use baby oil , baby powder , or any other random product near your sewing machine ! You can buy a teflon foot , but they are really only useful if you are going to stitch vinyl alllll the time !

USE A LONGER THAN NORMAL STITCH LENGTH ! I always use a 3 or 4 . Too small a stitch and it will rip the vinyl. DO NOT ALTER YOUR TENSION !

Sew all the way around , LEAVE THE TOP OPEN. Repeat for the other outer piece.


Now add the glitter * You don’t need a lot ! * It’s easier to add a little at a time than try and scrape it back off the vinyl ! Stitch the top closed.

Ok so now we have two outers with glitter in , two lining pieces and a zip.

Let’s insert the zip next !

Place the outer RIGHT SIDE FACING YOU on the table , place the zip FACE DOWN on top. Then put a lining piece on top and clip. This is sandwich number one.

Ok have we all used a zipper foot before ? No worries if not… This is the magic metal foot you are looking for ( * some older machines might look a little different*)


See the long bar there ? It has a left and a right , so when you put it on the machine and lower your foot to grab it you can move it either side. You want it on the right hand side like so…


The foot always clips on the side that is CLOSEST to your zip. Now stitch away !

Take it off the machine , and fold the lining over the zip. Place on table in front of you like this.


Ok , Sandwich number two…

Place the other outer piece on top and align the top edge. Turn over and add the lining on the back and clip away.



So the linings are touching and the outers are touching. Stitch on the machine.


Ta da !  For the next part OPEN THE ZIP HALFWAY ! We don’t want it getting stuck inside.

Fold the pouch closed and clip around it.


We are going to sew all the way around , but leave a hand sized gap in the bottom. You will need to put your normal sewing foot back on your machine for this bit !

Stitch all the way around 1/2 inch , Shaking the glitter out of the way as you go then cut off your zip ends and trim neatly. I love these PRYM scissors because they are so sharp on vinyl and I get a lovely nice edge. I also find cutting the corners off helps it sit flatter when we turn them out.

Pull the whole thing through that gap we left… This is tricky ! DON’T be tempted to jab the corners with your scissors ! push gently !

Almost there !

Sew up that gap ! No one wants to lose things in the bottom 🙂

Try your zip… does it get caught here and there ? No worries ! Press the fabric out of the way (NOT THE VINYL – IT WILL MELT) Grab your zipper foot and stitch along the top edge – taking your arm off your machine helps a ton with this fiddly bit.

And you are all done ! Addictive right ? I can’t stop ! I can see a ton of Christmas themed pouches coming up !

If you make one don’t forget to share them on our Facebook page or tag is in your Instagram posts !

Stay tuned… we have so so so many more glitter and Christmas sewing related patterns & tutorials coming up on our shiny new website



I’m off to spray glitter all over my new product tags mwah har har !  See you soon 🙂

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