Spring Fabric Daffodil Brooch Tutorial


The daffodil is our national emblem here in Wales and every St Davids day on the 1st of March boys & girls dress up in welsh national dress .. complete with a bright yellow daffodil !

I make hundreds of these every year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Charity & our voluntary taught children’s community sewing group and I thought I would share with you guys an updated version of our most popular tutorial on how to make your very own Daffodil Brooch.

(If you don’t have time to make them we also have some for sale here )

You will need :

Yellow fabric – one 22 x 3 inch strip and five 4 inch squares

Scissors , A sewing needle & Thread

Felt for the leaves and a safety pin or brooch back finding.

An iron



Ok , first let’s make those pretty petals ! Fold each square in half and iron. Then fold the sides in to make prairie points like so…

Next iron the long 22 x 3 inch strip in half to make the middle of the daffodil.


Line the pointy sections of the petals alongside each other and place the long strip on top with the raw edge on the bottom ( So the folded edge is touching the petal sections)


Now for the tricky part ! You will need a thick , sharp embroidery needle and some thread. Doubling the thread over and knotting the bottom makes it much easier to pull at the very end. Stitch through the layers about 1/4 of an inch from the bottom raw edge , it’s very tough going but stay with it ! The stitching doesn’t have to be neat as we won’t see it at the end.

Pull the stitching as you go and your flower will start to gather ,  when you get to the end place the two right sides together and pop in a few stitches to hold it in shape.

Ok so we have a flower , but it looks a little bit flat doesn’t it? Pull the straight strip in the middle upwards to make the trumpet shape .

Almost there !

Place a circle of felt on the back and add the leaves if you wish and stitch or glue gun them on. Pop a safety pin or brooch back onto the back of the flower and it’s ready to wear !


All done ! and in time for St Davids Day . Don’t forget to share the ones you make at home on our Facebook page  , we LOVE to see everyone crafting !

(We make lot’s of these for the charities and you can buy them here if you don’t have time to make them. )


Feel free to use this Tutorial to make some for yourself or your friends & family , but please don’t make them to sell !

If you still wish to donate even though you are making them yourselves you can click here  to do so.

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