DIY fabric button rings & bracelets

Hey everyone !

Every Sunday afternoon I teach an awesome group of children aged 4+ to sew using both sewing machines & hand sewing techniques.

This week we made these super funky fabric button rings and stitched button bracelets. I thought I would share a super quick and easy tutorial for you to make them at home.

You will need…

A glue gun

Some cover buttons & a button press

Ring findings

Pretty fabric


These Prym button kits are awesome to use for all sorts of crafts!

You can find them on amazon here

First check out the back of the button packet. See that circle ? That’s our template , cut it out and place onto the back of your chosen fabric , we like to fussy cut ours so the fox is in the middle of the circle.

Now for the tricky bit , take the button press tool and place the fabric in pattern side down, then place the metal button on top and finally the button back and put the solid blue cap on top and pusssssshhhh.


Pop the button out and ta da ! One button ! we pressed the button hoop down and then hot glued the button to the ring finding and let it cool.

So simple , but so much fun !

We all enjoyed choosing the fabric scraps and making a unique cool ring.

We also made some button bracelets to match by sewing buttons onto ribbon and tying a bow on the ends.

Why not give them a try and share them on our Facebook page ? we LOVE to see the projects you create at home .

Happy sewing everyone !

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