Felt Flowers DIY

Hey everyone ! Welcome to my shiny new blog for 2017 !

My Name is Gemma Stitch ! I am a sewing teacher , professional dancer and Mami based in Bridgend South Wales .

Over the next few months I will be publishing lot’s of handy sewing tutorials , patterns & hints designed with the complete beginner in mind. Plus I will be sharing some of my top secret tricks of the trade to help you get the hang of that sewing machine.

Today I will be sharing THE cutest trend …. Felt flowers ! They are Very easy to make these are perfect for valentines day , mothers day or even to just brighten up your sewing room !

You will need ..


Thick wool or Acrylic Felt

Freezer Paper

Thread & needle & Scissors

The rose pattern. *free download*

Take the freezer paper and trace the pattern onto the paper side ( shiny side down) and then cut ROUGHLY around the Freezer paper  like below..

img_1429 img_1430

With a nice WARM ( NOT HOT) iron place the freezer paper shiny side down onto the felt and press until it sticks firmly.

Cut the template out .


Carefully peel away the freezer paper from the felt … The template can be used again and again so go slow ! You can then make another one in the same way , just place the cut template on the next piece of felt , shiny side down and iron on again.. cut around and repeat for as many flowers as you like !

Now for the sewing part !

Carefully roll up the felt flower from the OUTER edge popping in a few stitches with some doubled over thread as you go , keep popping those stitches in the bottom as you roll all the way to the bottom.

See that end part ? It’s the lid of the flower ! Pop it on top and pop a few more stitches in to secure…. and you have a rose !

Ta da ! There are so many things you can make with these flowers ! From embroidery hoop decorations to jewellery and even vase flowers ! ( Just add wire and felt leaves !)

Photos from our PINTEREST board.

Why not try some other shapes , add some beads or make some leaves using our FREE download pack !


Happy sewing ! Don’t forget you can share your makes on our Facebook page HERE.





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